Awards Given To Clients to Recognize Their Hard Work & Dedication. 

LIFT RCFitness Client Award
Trap Bar Deadlift



Accomplishments: 14lb Weight Loss + Lifting Heavy Stuff

Shout out to the Fuerza Award winner Brian and his Hulk Hogan arms.
The Covid weight hit many of us but Brian was able to keep his new nutritional habits on track. He is back at it now with his trainer, Lupita , as he's realized the importance of a consistent workout routine. He was able to lose weight by significantly improving his nutrition which meant less processed foods and eating out. He still enjoys an occasional pizza and beer, but he is now cognizant of his food decisions. He also makes activity part of his regular life now. He works out with Lupita twice every week, and dabbles with some bike riding and basketball.
New and improved nutrition habits + consistent exercise leads to magic. It's nothing sexy but it works. Trust The process!



Accomplishments: Significantly Improving body composition and fitting into old clothes and making all her current clothes loose!

Niki originally came in because she wanted to tone up her arms. She had no weight training experience and we started by lifting some 5lb dumbbells. She was hesitant about anything that weighed more than 5 lb. but we slowly moved our way up and we regularly toss around 20-25 lb. dumbbells now. She lifted heavier as she got leaner, all the while constantly pulling her pants to prevent them from falling at the gym. Her shirts also got baggier and her old clothes started fitting again! She's tried diets before but always ended up gaining weight back. This is common as most diets aren't sustainable. With a bit of playing around, she's been able to maintain her current body composition, while increasing her strength and muscle. The scale has moved but if she only focused on that then she probably would have stopped a long time ago.

Like I've always said, its not always about fat loss. She also had some nagging upper back, knee, and lower back pain. This is for the most part gone and she feels a lot better on a regular basis, except for when she wears heels and dances all night. Her knees aren't too happy about that, but you have to live a little, right? Sometimes nagging injuries are more complicated and you have to refer out, and sometimes it's just strengthening,  getting them to move more and better. And lastly, she's a lot stronger and just overall feels a lot better!


Client Of The Month London
Client of the Month Before Shot



Accomplishments: 7 lb weight loss + 15 pushups + 135 lb Hip Thrust

Celina has regularly swam and ran before but never took part in any strength training. She wanted to improve her body composition and lose some weight and she felt that strength training would help her out, and it definitely did! She was a bit scared of getting bulky while using weights but those fears changed overtime. Instead she just gained more total muscle definition, lost weight, and can lift  a lot more weight! Old school 2000 and Katy Perry tunes definitely helped out as well. Celina is only going to get stronger and keep losing weight, and I look forward to seeing her future progress over the next year!

Strength Training for Women
Personal Trainer Award London Ontario jpg

FUERZA AWARD XI - 06.17.19


Accomplishments: Demonstrating great form with her exercises + Getting significantly stronger

Téa came in with no weightlifting experience but was eager to learn and get better. She asked all the questions so she knew what she was doing and it has paid off. Her form with the more complex exercises like the squat and deadlift look great, and she can do "real" pushups all day. Her sister also made a lot of significant improvements but Téa's dab, which is the best dab in London, Ontario, may have given her the upper hand.

Leg Day at RCF

FUERZA AWARD X - 02.19.19


Accomplishments: Lifting Big Girl Weight + 15Lb weight Loss

Hayley has really prioritized her health these past couple of months and even incorporated 2 a days on a regular basis. She also made sure that her nutrition was consistent. She can finally do chin ups and can deadlift some big weight when needed.
She pushes herself like no other and loves a good arm pump at the end of the workout. As you can see, these arm pumps have done her well!
BARB RCF Fuerza Dec

FUERZA AWARD IX - 11.29.18


Accomplishments: Significantly improving Cardiac tests +150 Lb Trap Bar Personal Record

Barb is an undercover meathead and always wanted to lift 150lb on the trap bar. She was able to do so in one of her last sessions before she unfortunately moved to Toronto. It took longer than she would have liked it to happen but sometimes that's just the way it goes.
She  also received the "Lifetime Fuerza Award" for her unparalleled dedication to her training and health over the past couple of years. She trained during her vacations and has made exercise part of her daily regimen. She was also able to improve her cardiac tests which is huge! Fitness and working out is way more than just weight loss. I definitely learned more from her than she learned from me and will forever be grateful.
FuerzaAwrd33 2



Accomplishments: Improving Overall Strength For Career

Renée is throwing her Fuerza Award up! Renée is a nurse and wanted to get stronger and healthier to prolong her career. So we made sure she got stronger to make her job somewhat easier and more importantly avoid any injury, especially low back pain. Picking heavy things up and down with proper form at the gym has definitely helped out with that.  We also made sure to engage and strengthen the core (not crunches) with some anti extension, anti flexion exercises, and anti rotation exercises.  Renée always comes in and gets things done regardless if she just finished an overnight shift!

Matt wins the award after losing 10 lb and increasing his strength especially with the squats and deadlifts.



Accomplishments: 405 lb Trap bar + 225 Front Squat + 10-15 lb weight Loss

Congratulations to Matt for doing so well at the gym these past couple of months. He has significantly increased his strength and can deadlift 400+ and 220+ on the front squats. He also lost 10-15 pounds while adding a decent amount of muscle. He's what we like to call yoked!

Matt can lift heavy stuff up and down, but he also enjoys catching a copious amount of fish. So it only makes sense that Matt's Fuerza Award entails a gift certificate from Angling Sports London! I'm sure he will spend it well and keep catching more fish. Matt still continues to get stronger so I'm sure he'll be pushing 500 on the deadlift in no time!

Zane's posture before training wasn't ideal.
Zane with improved posture and body composition
Zane before he started eating well
Zane was able to significantly improve his posture and lose weight.



Accomplishments: 20 LB weight loss + Improved posture

Zane has lost 20 LB since the start of the year after significantly reducing his Tim Hortons intake and increasing his activity, which included strength training with me and cardio at the YMCA. He also started stretching on a regular basis  and it definitely shows in his resting posture, as you can see in the pictures. Consistency is everything! Very proud of Zane for making activity part of his lifestyle as he was not the most keen person to go to the gym before. He moves better, and more importantly feels better!

Renee Was able to strengthen her knee and her upper body during her ACL recovery!

FUERZA AWARD VI - 05.01.18


Accomplishments: Improving upper body strength ( 5 chin ups + 12 pushups) and lower body strength while recovering from ACL Tear

Renée has been able to improve her overall strength, especially her upper body, while recovering from an ACL tear and finishing law school. She is both physically and mentally strong! Her upper body is stronger than ever and she can pump out chin ups and push ups for days. Recovering from a very serious injury such as an ACL tear is mentally tough because of the long process and setbacks, but Renée just keeps on pushing through.


We're working on the  posterior chain strength more now and that's improving as well.  Everyone has different goals and training isn't always about losing weight. People tend to forget that sometimes.  Training, when done properly, helps with the recovery process and can be used a preventative measure to avoid further injuries.


Jen Before Personal Training 2
Jen Post Training 2
Jen Before Personal Training1
Jen Post Training 1

FUERZA AWARD V - 02.01.18


Accomplishments: 13 lb weight loss + 8 Pushups

Great job to the Fuerza Award winner, Jen, for setting a goal and working hard to accomplish it.. She was able to lose 13 pounds in 3 months. She also surprised herself when was she was able to do some pushups for the first time in her life! Her clothes are fitting better and she is moving better as well. She has tried diets before and has lost weight but has found that she would gain all the weight back plus more as soon as she stopped the diet. We got her to reduce her calories to an appropriate level where she still felt energetic and increased her protein to maintain her lean muscle mass as she lost weight. Jen is eating better, and more importantly doesn't feel sluggish from a lack of food.

She is not quite where she wants to be but she plans to keep working hard in order to get there! Some pushups along the way won't hurt either!

Debbie has worked hard in her first 2 months to lose weight and get stronger

FUERZA AWARD IV - 02.01.18


Accomplishments: 7 lb weight loss + 115 lb Hip Thrust + Significantly improve core strength

Debbie has been able to significantly improve her glute and core strength while also losing 7 lbs in her first 2 months. She finds doing everyday activities such as carrying groceries and shovelling snow much easier! She also rocks a mean headband every workout.
We have done various glute exercises for different rep ranges to activate and strengthen her glutes. We also incorporated farmer carries and core stability/ endurance exercises to improve her overall core strength. We are currently working on her pushups, by doing negatives and incline barbell pushups, which are looking a lot better. Debbie made a huge effort to reduce the amount of times she ate out at restaurants which helped her lose 7 lb in the her first 2 months. Well done Debbie!
Lori Trained and ate well consistently to reach her goal
Lori lost weight After Strength Training
Lori lost 10 lb after consistently training and eating well
Lori lost 10 lb after consistently training and eating well

FUERZA AWARD ||| - 22.11.17


Accomplishments: 185 lb Squat+ 3 Pull Ups + 10 lb Weight Loss

Lori is the winner of the Fuerza Award for all the hard work and commitment she has been putting in these past couple of months. She made it her goal to improve her squats, pull ups, and lose weight. And she accomplished all 3! She got to 3 pull ups, increased her squat PR (personal record) by 15 lb, and lost 10 pounds to finish it all off!


Lori has accomplished these feats through consistency and preparation. She committed herself to 3 strength training workouts a week and stayed disciplined to her nutrition by watching her calories and macros.  Her workouts focused on increasing her squats and pull ups. A lot of different pull up variations  using the TRX, rings, negatives, and partial reps! She was still able to enjoy her favourite foods likes cheese and chocolate. A great example of moderation and balance. You don't have to drop all your favourite foods to get to your end goals. Lori is a very competitive and determined individual so I look forward to what the future brings inside and outside the gym!

Rox is pulling Priti around her parking lot. Family in home training done well!
Trained clients for the Tough Mudder and ended up competing in it

FUERZA AWARD || - 30.09.17


Rox's Accomplishments: Tough Mudder + 2 Pull Ups + 12 Pushups + Inches Lost

Priti's Accomplishments: Tough Mudder + 3 Chin Ups + 135 Lb Trap Bar Deadlift x Reps + Inches Lost

The Fuerza Award goes to Rox and Priti who successfully finished the Tough Mudder in Toronto this past August! They trained at home and at the studio. Their workouts consisted of strength training circuits and some neighbourhood sled pushing. Rox's initial goal was to do one pushup and she can now do 12 pushups give or take depending on the day, along with some pull ups. Priti wanted to do a chin up and ended up being able to do 3 chin ups. She can also pull some heavy weight on the trap bar. They were also able to gradually improve their eating habits as well which now consists of more protein than before. The scale didn't move too much, and that is totally OK because their clothes and dresses fit better. Scales suck anyway. They both work super hard inside and outside the studio with their jobs, family, and fitness regimen. They sometimes complain, but who doesn't! It's always a fun time training them and hearing their very entertaining stories!

Elise has an athletic background but didn't do much weight training before RCF.
Elise won the award after losing weight and building her glutes

FUERZA AWARD | - 21.08.17


Accomplishments: 200 lb Trap Bar Deadlift x3 + 3 Chin Ups + 4 lb Weight Loss

Elise is the first recipient of the Fuerza award. Fuerza means strength in Spanish. I called it this because you need mental strength and physical strength in order to accomplish your goals! This award will be given to clients every 5-6 weeks based on their initial goals and what they did to either reach their goal(s) or get closer to it. It could be a performance goal such as a chin up or losing a certain amount of weight, or both. Working out isn’t only about losing weight as there are so many more benefits than just that. Clients who win this award will also receive gift certificates from me and local small businesses.


Elise has had a great 4 weeks. She was able to lose 4 lb while getting much stronger. She finished her last workout before her trip by lifting 200 lb on the trap bar and completing 3 chin ups! We have been focusing on the big compound lifts that use many muscle groups at once such as the trap bar deadlift, squats, pushups, prowler and so forth. These exercises give you the most bang for your buck as they help you get stronger and leaner. Elise has been very consistent with her nutrition, macros, and her own workouts and it shows. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks!