The RCF Difference: The Art & Science of Personal Training


We all have very different schedules, lifestyles, and personalities so what works for a friend or a celebrity on a magazine doesn't mean it will work for you. It’s all about consistency, balance, and proper preparation to get you to your end goal. Our clients vary from teenagers to older adults, and everything in between so it would only make sense to approach each client differently. The strength training principles are always there but different components are tweaked depending on the individual's current training status, injuries, goals, etc.

Your end goal could be to get stronger so everyday life is easier, lose weight to fit in those pants, or to just make your glutes (butt muscles) bigger. Whatever it may be, we want to create a training experience that you will find enjoyable, appropriate for your level, and safe. The art of training is getting into the "whys" and motivations behind your set goals so you can achieve them.  It's a process and we're here to guide you through it.

The science refers to the anatomy, physiology, nutrition science, biomechanics and so on behind the training. The training principles in order to get you stronger, leaner, and healthier. Breaking down exercises in a simple matter for the client to understand and prescribing the appropriate exercises, sets, reps, volume, and so forth for the individual. One individual may be looking to train to stay mobile and independent during the aging process, while another individual may be looking to increase the size of their glutes. The strength training foundations and core beliefs are always there but the two individuals would have different programs and approached from a different angle. We combine the art and science of training to get you results. A brief overview about our trainers can be found below: 

Sunday Service London Ontario


  • BA Kinesiology  from Western University (UWO)
  • CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  • TRX Functional Training
  • SFA (Scottish Football Association) International C License 
  • Past roles: RiverBend Golf Community personal trainer/ group class instructor & Hunt Club class instructor
Personal Trainer Posing


  • HSBc (Bachelors of Health Science) from Western University 
  • CPTN-CPT (Canadian Personal Trainer Network) 
  • Oversees the majority of 1v1 Training
  • Training Interests: Older adult population and postpartum women


Constantly improving our community  inside and outside the gym is what we strive for. We will build an online community where the accomplishments of our clients can be appreciated and given proper support on social media, and on our  website. In addition to the online community, we're constantly trying to improve our actual community and culture inside the gym. One that strives on giving it their best, working hard, and helping each other when needed. We will also help our London community regularly by running our charity bootcamp classes where proceeds from 2 classes every week of the year will go to a local charity. We believe we can raise between $400-$500 a month through our bootcamp classes. We want to help our clients reach their goals while simultaneously helping out the local community on a regular basis. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to help out.

Lastly, we also want to change common out-dated beliefs behind weight training and nutrition. Common misconceptions such as: weight training will make women bulky, you need light weights to "tone", you have to exercise until you puke and feel pain to get results , and you have to starve yourself or get rid of carbs in order to get your ideal body. These are believed by far too many people, unfortunately, because of the media and exercise routines from the 80s that stuck around. Studies and science have proved otherwise and we hope to educate people on this.

My Story:

Empowerment Through Training

It would be cliche to say I love training because I enjoy helping others so I won't. After doing some self reflection, I came to conclusion that the gym, soccer, and doing anything active was my outlet to get me away from everything when things weren't going my way. The byproduct of that was that I genuinely loved training. Being active was essentially my way out. It would get my mind off everything at home while also developing me mentally and physically.

Training has many benefits and people have different goals but that's why I started training. I enjoy the fact that proper training can be used as a catalyst to start improving other areas in one's life. I am a big believer in strength training, when done properly, because I have seen it repeatedly improve clients mentality, weight, body composition, and more importantly, their quality of life.

The best part of  this training journey so far has been the different people and personalities I have met and trained because of everything they taught me outside of training. They have helped me become a better trainer, coach, and person. And that's why I love what I do and the consequence of doing what you love is genuine care. So I genuinely care about you, your goals, and will do everything I can to get you where you want to be. 

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