Celina Dharamshi

Roberto is truly the best personal trainer full stop! He has been missed dearly since my move to Calgary, and despite looking long and hard for a new trainer, none have come close to Roberto’s level of attentiveness, detail, expertise in kinesiology/nutrition sciences, enthusiasm and FUN. For me, the most remarkable part of training with Roberto was the positive transformation of my self-confidence and ‘can-do’ attitude as I grew stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. I learned so much from our sessions that I am now confidently working out in the gym on my own. THANK YOU!

Zack Medeiros

The best kept secret in town! As a pro athlete you’re always looking to be in the best shape specific to your sport. Roberto will listen and will create the right workout regimen based around your needs. He goes above and beyond the results, period. I don’t know many trainers that bring as much energy and passion to the gym like he does. He’s upfront and will hold you accountable when needed, doesn’t get any better than that Highly recommended!


Wilma Koopman

I trained with Roberto with the main intention of qualifying for the Boston Marathon as I wasn’t able to do so in previous years. I was dedicated to my running and relied on Roberto for the strength training portion, which helped improve my running performance and everyday activities such as playing with the grandchildren. We worked on various exercises such as the trap bar deadlift and glute bridging while also really focusing on my hips and posture to keep me injury free. After a lot of dedication and consistency to my training, I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon! What I liked most about Roberto was his attention to detail and finding the exercises that would benefit me the most!

Lori lost weight After Strength Training

Lori Carley

I have been training with Roberto for 2.5 years and I'm hooked! Roberto truly cares about each of his clients and tailors the workouts around personal goals, abilities, and limitations regardless if you're doing one-on-one or small group sessions. He's been able to adjust our plan quickly and effectively when I walk in complaining about a shoulder injury (from another activity), or when I'm excited about the new resistance bands I got for home and want to learn how to use them. Roberto also takes the time sit down and have engaging conversations about my health and fitness goals. He goes over nutrition plans that can help me reach those goals. He offers suggestions on how to incorporate small changes and ways to get around obstacles that may otherwise hold me back - like helping me find better ways to deal with stress at work than reaching for a chocolate bar. I can honestly say that I am a healthier and happier person since I started training with Roberto. Not only has my strength and endurance improved, my confidence has as well! Roberto is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and he goes the extra mile for his clients.

Tara Robbins

As a business owner in the fitness industry, I was finding it difficult to find quality trainers. Great trainers have to possess a high level of anatomy knowledge in relationship to exercise as well as the ability to provide great customer service. To find a trainer with both these qualities is rare. I have high standards for my trainers as they represent Just Sweat and my clients deserve high quality knowledge with the ability to execute. Roberto has exceeded my exceptions as a Just Sweat Trainer. Over the last three years, Roberto has shown great ability to relate to all his clientele with an intrinsic understanding of movement that meets their needs every time.

Brian Weight Loss

Brian Van Veen

I was a client of Roberto's this past year where I participated in one on one training.  Within 3 months starting with Roberto, my weight dropped from 254 lbs to 235 lbs.  He worked with me with both my exercise program and provided guidance towards a much better nutrition.   He is both knowledgeable in training and even more importantly a believer in providing motivation which started my journey to both better health and overall strength.  For many years I was not active, this year I'm enjoying my overall improvements and life by jogging, kayaking and continuing to regularly lift weights. No matter what your fitness goals, Roberto will be more than able to help you get there.  I strongly recommend Roberto to anyone!!!!

Barb Leblanc

As I hit my mid-fifties I knew that being slim isn't enough -- I needed to get more fit. I've always been active, but wasn't a big fan of exercising. Group work-outs aren't for me, so I decided on personal training. I am stronger than I've ever been and have more cardiac endurance. Roberto's expertise, combined with patience and encouragement, have been just what I needed. He constantly changes my routine to ensure that I make progress while avoiding injuries.

Lynn Bice

I’m grateful for the personable and expert training received with Roberto. His patience and understanding of my limitations has helped me gain strength and improve my overall physical well being without injury. Training sessions keep me motivated to maintain the gain. There is always an interesting combination of exercises to look forward to. The increased strength has boosted my energy level which in turn has made it possible for me to add other exercise activities to my daily life. The side of affects of the fibromyalgia have really decreased. I plan to follow along this path in 2017!!!