Celina Dharamshi

Roberto is truly the best personal trainer full stop! He has been missed dearly since my move to Calgary, and despite looking long and hard for a new trainer, none have come close to Roberto’s level of attentiveness, detail, expertise in kinesiology/nutrition sciences, enthusiasm and FUN. For me, the most remarkable part of training with Roberto was the positive transformation of my self-confidence and ‘can-do’ attitude as I grew stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. I learned so much from our sessions that I am now confidently working out in the gym on my own. THANK YOU!

Zack Medeiros

The best kept secret in town! As a pro athlete you’re always looking to be in the best shape specific to your sport. Roberto will listen and will create the right workout regimen based around your needs. He goes above and beyond the results, period. I don’t know many trainers that bring as much energy and passion to the gym like he does. He’s upfront and will hold you accountable when needed, doesn’t get any better than that Highly recommended!


Wilma Koopman

I trained with Roberto with the main intention of qualifying for the Boston Marathon as I wasn’t able to do so in previous years. I was dedicated to my running and relied on Roberto for the strength training portion, which helped improve my running performance and everyday activities such as playing with the grandchildren. We worked on various exercises such as the trap bar deadlift and glute bridging while also really focusing on my hips and posture to keep me injury free. After a lot of dedication and consistency to my training, I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon! What I liked most about Roberto was his attention to detail and finding the exercises that would benefit me the most!

Lori lost weight After Strength Training

Lori Carley

I have been training with Roberto for 2.5 years and I'm hooked! Roberto truly cares about each of his clients and tailors the workouts around personal goals, abilities, and limitations regardless if you're doing one-on-one or small group sessions. He's been able to adjust our plan quickly and effectively when I walk in complaining about a shoulder injury (from another activity), or when I'm excited about the new resistance bands I got for home and want to learn how to use them. Roberto also takes the time sit down and have engaging conversations about my health and fitness goals. He goes over nutrition plans that can help me reach those goals. He offers suggestions on how to incorporate small changes and ways to get around obstacles that may otherwise hold me back - like helping me find better ways to deal with stress at work than reaching for a chocolate bar. I can honestly say that I am a healthier and happier person since I started training with Roberto. Not only has my strength and endurance improved, my confidence has as well! Roberto is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and he goes the extra mile for his clients.

 The Best Personal Training Experience in London, Ontario.  We do more than count reps. We coach you throughout the whole process.



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We all have very different schedules, lifestyles, personalities, and relationships with food so what works for a friend or a celebrity doesn't mean it will work for you. We don't believe in fitting someone into a training program or coaching regimen. Rather, we find the proper coaching approach, nutrition changes, and exercises that works for you. Our clients vary from teenagers to older adults, and everything in between so it would only make sense to approach each client differently. We do this by working with you closely inside and outside the gym. We keep you accountable and push you when needed.

Everyone is looking for a healthier lifestyle. What exactly is a healthier lifestyle? Well, that depends on you. It could mean losing weight and eating better for longevity, moving well and injury free, or strength training to improve your body composition and the size of your glutes (butt muscles). Whatever it is, we want to make sure we get there in a sustainable and realistic manner. 


Trendy diets are short term band-aid solutions. You eat a certain way for a short period of time to lose some weight, but then you go back to your old ways and gain all the weight back plus more at times. Your relationship with food doesn't change and probably worsens. The media and food marketing don't help either. 

We simplify everything for you. We look at your current nutrition, eating habits, and relationship with food. From there, we help you make gradual changes and educate you so that you have lifelong success. And more importantly a healthy relationship with food. 


We are aware that you may not train with us forever, especially our student clients,  so we want to make sure that we educate you to the best of our ability so that you don't need us anymore. We want to make sure you're so well trained that you're more than comfortable training on your own. Our goal is to help you find a flexible way of eating with healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime . We aim to be the spark that starts your fitness journey for lifelong change. 

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                                  1.  INITIAL LAUNCH

Contact us today and book a Master Plan session at no cost. The session can be done in person or virtually over Zoom.


                       2. THE BLUEPRINT DESIGN 

Welcome to the Master Plan Session where we start to create a blueprint specifically for you. We go over thorough goal setting, a movement screen, and get to know you a bit better. This helps us make an appropriate plan of attack when it comes to training, nutrition, and habit change. We answer any questions you may have, find movements that work for your body, and find what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. 


                                   3.....2.....1.....LIFT OFF!

Time to start your personalized training program and nutrition coaching! We do bi-weekly and/or monthly check ins depending on your goals and needs. The nutrition coaching takes place after the session so we can focus on the weights during our training. We start the training session with a dynamic warmup to get you moving in different directions. The warm up also allows us to work on any limitations. We then move onto the weights and strength training. We start at your level and gradually move you up. We may finish with some conditioning at the end depending on your goals.


                       4.  ON BOARD FEEDBACK SYSTEM

Our bodies are constant feedback cycles. What's working and what's not? Are we getting stronger? Are our clothes fitting better? Do we have more lean muscle mass? Are the measurements improving? Has the scale been moving? What do the pictures say? We believe in looking at different variables to make sure we're moving in the right direction. We make adjustments as we go! 


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