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What's The Difference? We Find What Works For You

RCF Training Philosophy

 Training Philosophy: We Are All Unique 

We all have very different schedules, lifestyles, and personalities so what works for a friend or a celebrity on a magazine doesn't mean it will work for you. I don't believe in fitting someone into a training program or coaching regimen. Rather, we find the proper coaching approach and exercises that fits that one specific person. Our clients vary from teenagers to older adults, and everything in between so it would only make sense to approach each client differently. Ultimately we're looking for a healthier lifestyle. What exactly is a healthier lifestyle? Well, that depends on you. It could mean losing weight and eating better for longevity, moving well and injury free, or strength training to improve your body composition and the size of your glutes (butt muscles). 

We've had many people come to us because they don't feel comfortable in big box gyms. Training in a private gym or in the convenience of your own home, where you're being shown proper form is far more appealing than a big box gym full of strangers.  And for that reason we're committed to creating a comfortable environment through proper coaching and training so that we can achieve long term success with you.

The Personal Training Process

 The Training Process

1. Lifestyle and personality assessment questionnaire.


2. Movement Assessment  - Strengths and weaknesses. 


3. Program Design - Based on collected information.


4. Nutrition Coaching - Bi weekly and monthly check ups. 


5. Check Progress - Measurements, pictures, questionnaires.


6. Reevaluate - Alter exercises, goals, and nutrition as needed.


7. Keep providing continuing nutrition and fitness education.

Client Testimonials



Wilma Koopman

I trained with Roberto with the main intention of qualifying for the Boston Marathon as I wasn’t able to do so in previous years. I was dedicated to my running and relied on Roberto for the strength training portion, which helped improve my running performance and everyday activities such as playing with the grandchildren. We worked on various exercises such as the trap bar deadlift and glute bridging while also really focusing on my hips and posture to keep me injury free. After a lot of dedication and consistency to my training, I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon! What I liked most about Roberto was his attention to detail and finding the exercises that would benefit me the most!

Tara Robbins

As a business owner in the fitness industry, I was finding it difficult to find quality trainers. Great trainers have to possess a high level of anatomy knowledge in relationship to exercise as well as the ability to provide great customer service. To find a trainer with both these qualities is rare. I have high standards for my trainers as they represent Just Sweat and my clients deserve high quality knowledge with the ability to execute. Roberto has exceeded my exceptions as a Just Sweat Trainer. Over the last three years, Roberto has shown great ability to relate to all his clientele with an intrinsic understanding of movement that meets their needs every time.

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