Small Group Personal Training ( Semi Private Training) : 2-3 People

We're redefining our personal trainer services and making it better, and at a lower price point, with our small group training! A greater training experience with increased motivation and push from your training partner(s) and personal trainer. Everything is always funner in  group. We go through an assessment and lifestyle questionnaire with each individual to see where they're coming from and where they're trying to go. That way everyone still receives an individualized training program that is catered towards their goals, weaknesses, and strengths. You still get the personal component of personal training but in a group atmosphere.

A great option for couples, friends, students, and families! No training partner? No problem. We can set you up with a group of like minded people. Quality training, full time access, and nutritional coaching to get you where you want to be.

Personal Trainer with Small Group Training

One On One Personal Training

The training program and hour revolves around you and your needs. We go through an assessment and a lifestyle questionnaire like we do with the "small group" clients to see where you're coming from and where you're trying to go. This will help us break down your strengths and weaknesses so we can help you get stronger, move better and ultimately work toward your main objective. We set up an initial game plan so that we're both on the same page and then meet on a bi weekly or monthly basis to go over the training, nutrition, and your progress. We understand everyone is different physically and mentally so we believe our individual approach to each clients leads to the best result.

Personal Training Client

Half Hour Power: 4-6 People

This 30 minute "bootcamp" style class is meant to get you moving, sweaty, and strong in an efficient manner. And better yet, all money made from 1-2 classes every week will go to a local charity at the end of the month. This charity will also be picked by the individuals in the class. Take care of yourself and your community all at once!

We start with a quick dynamic warm up that gets your body moving in different ways . We then go through an array of full body exercises so you can get the most out of your half hour workout.  We use a variety of equipment in these classes as well like the TRX, sandbags, weights, medicine balls, and the SkiErg to name a few. Classes will be held throughout the week between 12-1pm so it's perfect for those who work in the downtown London core. What if you have injuries or fear that the classes may be too easy or hard for you? We're full of progressions and regressions so we can always find a way to make the exercise suit your needs!

Bootcamp Participants

*All Training options are based on month to month payments. No long term contracts*

Going Above and Beyond For You

*The Best Training & Service - How do you like to be coached? Our goal is to give you the best possible gym and training experience.

*Resources - Unlimited nutritional and fitness resources from scientific literature.

*Tracking -  Measurements, pictures, workout log,  and personal profile.

*Homework - Personalized stretching and exercise routines to do on your own when needed.

*The Extra 10 % - Accountability, motivation, and everything else to give you the best experience. Full time coaching access.

The Training Process

  1. Lifestyle and personality assessment questionnaire
  2. Movement Assessment  - Strengths and weaknesses 
  3. Program Design - Based on collected information
  4. Nutrition Coaching - Bi weekly and monthly check ups 
  5. Check Progress - Measurements, pictures, questionnaires
  6. Alter exercises, goals, and nutrition as needed